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2019 Race #3 Recap | Nordic Mountain


RACE #3 UPDATE Nordic Mountain - Mt. Morris, WI


The weather and conditions challenged racers in more ways than one....and each athlete triumphed in their own way despite the deteriorating conditions of the course.

Nordic Mountain Race Results - Mt. Morris, WI September 29, 2019

- 628 students registered for racing at Nordic Mountain, up 14%

- 43 SLS MTB registered for racing

- 18 MS Racers

- 25 HS Racers

- 7 podiums

  • 2 first place finishes

  • 2 first place finishes

  • 1 third place finish

  • 1 fourth place finish

  • 1 fifth place finish

Team Win - SLSMTB Composite IL North - 1st place





  • 63 student athletes

  • 13 females

  • 50 males

  • 23 middle school

  • 40 high school

  • 25 coaches


  • 44 student athletes

  • 10 females

  • 34 males

  • 17 middle school

  • 27 high school

  • 10 coaches


Due to team size and NICA rules, our association is comprised of 6 teams

1. Wilmot High School 2. Indian Trail High School 3. Tremper High School 4. SLSMTB WI Composite Team 5. SLSMTB IL North Composite Team 6. SLSMTB IL South Composite Team


Nordic Mountain Photos


A note from our coaches: Nordic mountain is the only ski hill our racers get to conquer. Weather was different this weekend, Saturday was beautiful, 60 degrees, dry, and sunny.  At about 3:00am we heard the sprinkles, then the rain came down hard, at that moment we knew that Sunday’s race was going to be challenging. Nordic is a challenging course on a dry day.  Fast single track, challenging climbs, and wicked downhills with roots and rocks.  When you add the rain, causing massive amounts of mud, it becomes an “Epic Muddy Race.”  

Racing netted some strong results starting with a super strong race from the 7th-grade boys. Jon Olenick had a strong start in 2nd place, but you could see Jon felt held up from riders in front and quickly passed.  Jon rode a flawless race maintaining a rocket fast pace.  Jon finished in first place with a sizable lead over second.  Jon’s pace was so strong he would have finished in the top 10 in Freshman!  

Paula Urban rode a very smart JVIII race, keeping the bike on two wheels and finishing strong in 4th place. Samantha Brooks had an awesome JVII race.  She could see the back of 1st place on the last straight.  She poured everything she had into catching her in the last 200 meters but finished within .66 seconds in an exciting 2nd place finish. 

As the day went on the course deteriorated and made for good racing. With the course so challenging just riding up the hills was a huge feat.  Ryan Paupore attacked this challenge coming in 3rd place for the D2 JVII class. In the last race, D2 JVIII, the course was a true mess.  With mud this deep you get zero time to rest, no free rolling, making it a race of endurance. Nathan Gowe and Alex Martin had the strongest start, Conner Buchanan and Rider Rainer not far behind.  After the first section of single-track, Conner attacked, pulling into the lead.  Conner also was successful riding Fern Valley when others had to push their bikes.  In the end Conner came in first, Nathan second, and Rider in fifth.  

Due to the heavy mud, leaving the camping area was just as much of a challenge, and the majority of the campers had to be pulled out by a tractor.  Because of the additional time it would take to leave the event, the podium presentation was postponed until the Saturday evening of the next race being held at Minooka Park in Waukesha.

We would also like to thank all of our sponsors for their commitment to the team. With the support of our sponsors, we were able to purchase a race team trailer.  With the help of The Sign Shop of Racine, our race trailer is complete with our sponsor logos, and we looked like the team to beat…because we are! 

In addition to racing..... we are creating communities.   Our SLSMTB community this weekend included 31 families camping together.

"Mountain biking is a challenging sport. Most of the obstacles lying in your path can be crossed or overcome. Sometimes, it may take you several failures and perseverance to keep going ahead before you make it through to your destination. Facing your fears will make you a stronger and confident person, because once you're out there on your bike, quitting is never an option." - Tanaya Navalkar



Kim Schnoor /Remax Advantage ~ Iguana Wana ~ Crawford & Wright Orthodontics ~ LMI Packaging ~ Brian Ketterer State Farm ~ ULINE ~ Moles & Ferri Orthodontics


“To be gritty is to keep putting one foot in front of the other. To be gritty is to hold fast to an interesting and purposeful goal. To be gritty is to invest, day after week after year, in challenging practice. To be gritty is to fall down seven times, and rise eight.” - Angela Lee Duckworth


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