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2019 Race #5 Recap | Trek Trails


RACE #5 UPDATE Trek Trails - Waterloo, WI


Getting back up after a fall and finishing shows the grit these students have.

Trek Trails Race Results - Waterloo, WI October 27, 2019

- 763 students registered for racing at Trek Trails, up 19%

- 46 SLS MTB registered for racing

- 19 MS Racers

- 27 HS Racers

- 5 podiums

  • 1 first place finishes

  • 0 first place finishes

  • 2 third place finishes

  • 2 fourth place finishes

  • 0 fifth place finishes

Team Win - SLSMTB Composite IL North - 3rd place





  • 64 student athletes

  • 13 females

  • 51 males

  • 24 middle school

  • 40 high school

  • 25 coaches


  • 44 student athletes

  • 10 females

  • 34 males

  • 17 middle school

  • 27 high school

  • 10 coaches


Due to team size and NICA rules, our association is comprised of 6 teams

1. Wilmot High School 2. Indian Trail High School 3. Tremper High School 4. SLSMTB WI Composite Team 5. SLSMTB IL North Composite Team 6. SLSMTB IL South Composite Team


Our athletes reside in:

1. Kenosha County Wisconsin

2. Racine County Wisconsin

3.Lake County Illinois

4. McHenry County Illinois

5. Cook County Illinois


2019-2020 Seniors

Nordic Mountain Photos


A note from our coaches: The last race for this season is at Trek Trails in Waterloo WI. Trek opens up their private mountain bike trails for our student-athletes. The course was in excellent shape on Saturday. Then the rain came on Saturday night. It rained hard for 4 hours, giving us around 1.5” of rain overnight. Wisconsin High School league checked the trails and deemed parts of the course unsafe and rerouted the course. Once again, the athletes had to overcome racing on a course they hadn’t ridden during pre-ride on Saturday.

Natalie Gowe is our female standout for this race. She has been plagued by bike problems most of the season until she got a new bike. She put down a solid race and finished in 4th place in 8th-grade girls. For the girls JVIII race, Mia Scarleto continues to impress. She started in the second row and pulled a good start. Lap 2, she battled her way to 3rd place and held that position all the way to the end.

Ryan Paupore continued his objective of getting out front and "GO”! Ryan raced a solid race and finished with a win in D2 JVII Boys. Holding the “White Jersey” for every race this year, Connor Buchanan was a little anxious for the race to start, and he didn’t put his bike into his starting gear. He crested the hill in 5th place and had to battle with the other racers to the end. Connor knew not to take chances and protect his series lead and finished in 3rd place. Joe Banish, on the other hand, took those chances. Joe had a strong start and continued pulling forward one racer at a time. Joe left everything on that course and had worked his way up to 4th place finish.

The season championships were full of SLSMTB athletes. Paula Urban took 3rd overall for JVIII Girls. Samantha Brooks took 3rd overall for JVII girls. Ryan Paupore took 3rd overall for D2 JVII Boys. Connor Buchanan kept that “White Jersey” in 1st, Nathan Gowe took 2nd, and Rider Rainer took 4th place for the D2 JVIII boys class.

For the team results, our SLS Composite IL North team wrapped up the season as second runner up in the D2 statewide standings.

We would like to congratulate all of our athletes for an outstanding season. We would also like to thank our sponsors for their commitment to the team. With the support of our sponsors, we were able to purchase a race team trailer. With the help of Sign Shop of Racine, our race trailer is complete with our sponsor logos, and we looked like the team to beat…because we are!



Kim Schnoor /Remax Advantage ~ Iguana Wana ~ Crawford & Wright Orthodontics ~ LMI Packaging ~ Brian Ketterer State Farm ~ ULINE ~ Moles & Ferri Orthodontics


“Success waits patiently for anyone who has the determination and strength to seize it.”

- Booker T. Washington


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