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2021 Race #4 Recap | Nordic Mountain


RACE #3 UPDATE 9 Mile Recreation - Wausau, WI


Southeastern Lakes Mountain Bike Assn. - 2021

Nordic Mountain Race Results - Wausau, WI October 17, 2021

  • 762 students raced at Nordic Mountain

  • 48 SLS MTB athletes raced

  • 20 MS Racers

  • 28 HS Racers

  • 8 podiums

    • 2 first place

    • 2 second place

    • 2 third place

    • 1 fourth place

    • 1 fifth place

  • Team Wins

    • SLSMTB Composite WI - 3rd Place

    • Wilmot High School - 4th Place


Race Weekend Recap from SLSMTB JVIII racer; Ben Carmody:

SLSMTB was represented well the weekend of the 16/17th in Mount Morris, WI. Many riders on the team enjoyed the course with more climbing and technical features than the first races of the season, and the results showed. The middle school and high school athletes combined for 9 podiums and 16 top 10 finishes. Starting the day, Jack Bozych took yet another win in the 8th grade boys’ category after getting the lead early and controlling the entire race. In the 7th grade boys’ race, Rylan Bozych finished in 3rd followed by Lukas Miller finishing 10th in a field of nearly 100 riders. Nadja Micklinghoff had a season best finish of 2nd place in the 7th grade girls category.

Sam Marstellar and Logan Powers both won their races in D1 and D2 Freshman boys, both earning leader’s jerseys. Sam is representing Oak Creek Composite in the D1 freshman class, but he still hears cheers from everyone from SLS. John Olenick and Charlie Themanson finished 5th and 6th helping Wilmot High school finish 4th place in the D2 team competition. In JV2 girls, Brianna Fletcher had a good start and rode towards the front of the pack the entire race, finishing in 2nd place moving her up 5 positions from Wausau. Cameron Leighty pulled off an 8th place finish in a competitive field of JV2 riders. Maddie Micklinghoff had yet another podium finish in JV3 girls, and Sami Brooks finished in 8th. By the end of the day, the technical and sandy course was in rough shape for JV3 and Varsity riders. Ben Carmody finished on the podium in 4th after setting the fastest lap of the race on his third lap. Connor Buchanan and Ryan Paupore worked together yet again to finish 9th and 10th in a sprint finish after riding together all 4 laps.

In the team competition, SLS Composite finished in 2nd place with Wilmot Highschool close behind in 4th place. Lakeview Tech had a season's best placement in 9th while SLS Composite Illinois finished 18th out of 49 teams. Next up is the state finals at the Trek Headquarters private trails.




  • 75 NICA student athletes

  • 16 females

  • 59 males

  • 30 middle school

  • 45 high school

  • 19 junior athletes

    • 7 females

    • 12 males

  • 50 coaches


  • 61 NICA student athletes

  • 11 females

  • 50 males

  • 26 middle school

  • 35 high school

  • 11 junior athletes

    • 7 female

    • 4 male

  • 38 coaches


Due to team size and NICA rules, our association is comprised of 6 teams

1. Wilmot Union High School 2. Westosha Central High School 3. Warren High School 4. LakeView High School 5. SLSMTB WI Composite Team

6. SLSMTB IL Composite Team

7. SLSMTB IL Lake County Composite Team


9 Mile Recreation Photos




“To be gritty is to keep putting one foot in front of the other. To be gritty is to hold fast to an interesting and purposeful goal. To be gritty is to invest, day after week after year, in challenging practice. To be gritty is to fall down seven times, and rise eight.”

- Angela Lee Duckworth


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