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2019 Race #4 Recap | Minooka Mania

Updated: Oct 16, 2019


RACE #4 UPDATE Minooka Park - Waukesha, WI


The anticipation, practice, and focus launches into action! 5-4-3-2-1...GOOOOOO!!!

Determination pulled these racers from the start to finish as they pushed through the cold conditions

Minooka Mania Race Results - Mt. Morris, WI October 13, 2019

- 714 students registered for racing at Minooka Park, up 25%

- 48 SLS MTB registered for racing

- 20 MS Racers

- 28 HS Racers

- 8 podiums

  • 2 first place finishes

  • 1 first place finish

  • 0 third place finish

  • 1 fourth place finish

  • 4 fifth place finishes

Team Win - SLSMTB Composite IL North - 2nd place





  • 64 student athletes

  • 13 females

  • 51 males

  • 24 middle school

  • 40 high school

  • 25 coaches


  • 44 student athletes

  • 10 females

  • 34 males

  • 17 middle school

  • 27 high school

  • 10 coaches


Due to team size and NICA rules, our association is comprised of 6 teams

1. Wilmot High School 2. Indian Trail High School 3. Tremper High School 4. SLSMTB WI Composite Team 5. SLSMTB IL North Composite Team 6. SLSMTB IL South Composite Team


Our athletes reside in:

1. Kenosha County Wisconsin

2. Racine County Wisconsin

3.Lake County Illinois

4. McHenry County Illinois

5. Cook County Illinois


Nordic Mountain Photos


A note from our coaches: Minooka Park is our local race and it didn’t disappoint.  What I love the most about mountain bike racing is all of the hurdles the kids have to jump over to compete.  Every race has had different weather, and this weekend the keyword was “cold.”  

With the threat of rain, we lucked out with only a slight bit of precipitation overnight.  The real challenge was the 35-degree weather and 20 mph winds that made the “feels like” temps as low as 30 degrees.  The athletes didn’t seem to care, and we even had some surprises this week.  This start is the hardest start we had all year, a 100 vertical foot rise in less than a 1/8-mile - ouch.  Long rolling doubletrack funneling into narrow, rocky, tight turning singletrack coming out into a super-fast downhill doubletrack finish.  

Racing netted some strong results starting with a repeat win from a 7th-grade boy, Jon Olenick. Jon had bike problems he couldn’t resolve, so he borrowed a bike and didn’t look back.  He crested the hill in second place, got past first and never looked back as he finished in first place.  In Freshman boys Riley Schneider had a very strong start in the top 10.  He ended up in the lead group of 6 and pulled his way into 5th and put a sizable lead over 6th place.   

Mia Scarleto had a soft start but she quickly put down the power and got into a battle for forth place.  Teammate Paula Urban had a strong start but got tangled up in a crash allowing Mia to pass.  Paula ended up using the rest of the race to catch up with Mia. They both rode hard to the finish line with Mia finishing in fourth and Paula finished in fifth for the girls JVIII race.  Samantha Brooks had a super start looking strong.  Halfway through her race she was struggling with her breath and slipped into fifth place.  She dug so deep and finished in tears as she crossed the line for the girls JVII.  

The morning of the race, Ryan Paupore said to his dad, “Dad I am just gonna get out front and GO”!  That’s what Ryan did, pulled a great start and charged for a commanding lead of a minute and thirty-eight seconds.  Solid win for Ryan.  Our series points leader Connor Buchanan was calm and cool waiting for the race to start.  He crested the hill in first place and battled with the other racers for the rest of the race.  Connor knew not to take chances and protect his series lead and finished in second place.  Nathan Gowe fought his way to hold a spot on the podium in fifth place.  Connor now has a strong lead going into the final race for the state championship at Trek Trails on October 27th.  For the team results, our SLS Composite IL North team continues to work their way forward.  This race they earned a second place finish and they are only nineteen points away from second place for the team season championship.  

State championships are October 27th starting at 9:00am.  They will be held at Trek Trails, 28-248 Canal Rd, Waterloo, WI 53594.   We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their commitment to the team. With the support of our sponsors, we were able to purchase a race team trailer, and with the help of Sign Shop of Racine, our race trailer is complete with our sponsor logos, and we looked like the team to beat…because we are! 

In addition to racing..... we are creating communities.   Our SLSMTB community this weekend included 12 families camping together.  Camping attendance was low for this race due to the close proximity.  With the race literally "in our backyard," we had approximately 150 spectators supporting our SLSMTB athletes this weekend.

"Mountain biking is a challenging sport. Most of the obstacles lying in your path can be crossed or overcome. Sometimes, it may take you several failures and perseverance to keep going ahead before you make it through to your destination. Facing your fears will make you a stronger and confident person, because once you're out there on your bike, quitting is never an option." - Tanaya Navalkar



Kim Schnoor /Remax Advantage ~ Iguana Wana ~ Crawford & Wright Orthodontics ~ LMI Packaging ~ Brian Ketterer State Farm ~ ULINE ~ Moles & Ferri Orthodontics


“Success waits patiently for anyone who has the determination and strength to seize it.”

- Booker T. Washington


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