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2019 Race #1 Recap | Lowe's Creek

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


RACE #1 UPDATE Lowe's Creek - Eau Claire


And....They're OFF!!!!!



  • 63 student athletes

  • 13 females

  • 50 males

  • 23 middle school

  • 40 high school

  • 25 coaches


  • 44 student athletes

  • 10 females

  • 34 males

  • 17 middle school

  • 27 high school

  • 10 coaches


Due to team size and NICA rules, our association is comprised of 6 teams

1. Wilmot High School 2. Indian Trail High School 3. Tremper High School 4. SLSMTB WI Composite Team 5. SLSMTB IL North Composite Team 6. SLSMTB IL South Composite Team


Lowe's Creek Race Results - Eau Claire, WI September 8, 2019

- 702 students registered for racing, up 33%

- 45 SLS MTB registered for racing, up 14%

- 7 podiums

  • 1 first place finish

  • 1 second place finish

  • 2 third place finish

  • 2 fourth place finish

  • 1 fifth place finish


Lowe's Creek Photos


A note from our coaches: Wow, things have changed from last year.  SLS MTB is Southeastern Lakes Scholastic Mountain Biking Association.  This change came from the massive growth in student-athletes. 

We now have 64 student-athletes signed up on our team.  Because of this growth, we needed to create an association, and SLS MTB is the abbreviation for our name.  

Eau Claire was the first stop this year, and it proved to be a fun fast course.  The weather was similar to last year, cold, cloudy, trying to rain; perfect weather for a race.  The racers didn’t have to worry about the sun glaring in their eyes or overheating from the hot weather.  This atmosphere complemented fast racing.  The course is ½ sand and ½ sand dirt mix, with lots of tree roots, stumps, rocks, and long fast straightaways.  Fast-flowing wide doubletrack to fast singletrack made for fun racing.  

Many of our racers improved positions and still have seven on the podium this week.  The continued focus from A+ coaching volunteers will prove continued increases. 

In addition to racing..... we are creating communities.   Our SLSMTB community this weekend included 40 families, many of which camped together (33) , cooked together, and supported each other.

"We’re not just putting on bike races for kids, we’re creating communities where our youth can flourish, where entire families are involved and where what happens on the bike influences behaviors off the bike as well.” - Steve Matous, President NICA



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Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength." - Arnold Schwarzenegger


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